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Finally we did it! February 2nd, 2010, our new homepage could be published. Changes in layout and a user friendly interface will enable us to provide up to date information concerning naginata in Germany faster than before.

Have fun browsing our new website!

The 7th German Championship 2010

Sunday the 20th of June 2010, the 7th German Championship was held in Mainz.
All in all 10 participants took part in the individual competition (shiai) and 10 pairs competed in engi. This year, four dôjôs (Polizeisportverein Mainz, Postsportverein Opladen, SC Kamakura Berlin and SG Egelsbach) sent out their naginataka. The seminar on the day before the competition also had been a great success and was visited by 25 naginataka standing densely packed in our sports hall.
In that spirit we wish to thank all of our many helpers and especially our three guests from Belgium. Without you all, an event like this would not have been possible.

The 7th European Naginata Championship is coming to Germany!

The 7th European Naginata Championship will be held in Mainz (Laubenheim), Germany, on the 6th of November 2010. In the course of the weekend around the ENC 2010 a Naginata seminar as well as examinations of the European Naginata Federation will take place. Naginataka not being part of one of the national teams have the possibility to compete in the Goodwill-Tournament accompanying the ENC on the day before (Nov. 5th, 2010).
Having said this much, we wish to invite every person interested in Naginata, spectators and press.

For further information on the 7th ENC 2010, please visit the corresponding page on our website.

The 7th European Naginata Championship 2010 in Mainz - now pre-event of the 150 years anniversary "German-Japanese friendship"

The Japanese embassy in Frankfurt officially acknowledged the 7th ENC 2010 as a pre-event of the festivities around the 150 years anniversary "German-Japanese friendship".

In 2011 Japan and Germany celebrate their 150th year of friendship. On that occasion a number of events will be held that emphasize or deepen this lasting relation.
The 7th European Championship 2010, now constitutes a part of the anniversary's official calendar. Together with other events it thus marks the beginning of the 150th year of friendship between these two countries.

The DNagB feels honored that the 7th ENC 2010 gained such status through the Japanese embassy.
We are confident that the championship in Mainz will be a great success in that spirit.

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