The 7th European Naginata Championship (Nov. 6th, 2010)

The 7th European Naginata Championship will be held in Mainz (Laubenheim), Germany, on the 6th of November 2010. In the course of the weekend around the ENC 2010 a Naginata seminar as well as examinations of the European Naginata Federation will take place. Naginataka not being part of one of the national teams have the possibility to compete in the Goodwill-Tournament accompanying the ENC on the day before (Nov. 5th, 2010).

Having said this much, we wish to invite every person interested in Naginata, spectators and press.

The European Naginata Championships are held every other year in the different countries of the European Naginata Federation. We can proudly present this year's European Naginata Championship as a pre event of the 150 years anniversary "Germany-Japan".
There are four different categories, the participants of the ENC compete in:
  • Shiai - men,
  • Shiai - women,
  • Engi competition,
  • Team competition.
For all spectators being new to the sport of Naginata info material will be provided on site.

Have fun watching and good luck to all participants!


By airplane:
  1. Take a plane to Frankfurt/Main airport (FRA, not Frankfurt Hahn!! For a connection from Frankfurt Hahn, please refer to the second description below).
  2. Take the train to Mainz Hauptbahnhof.
  3. Continue by bus until you reach the accommodation.
Located beneath the airport are two underground train stations. You will have to find the "Regionalbahnhof" train station (track: "Regio 3"). You may either take the train S 8 to Wiesbaden via Mainz or the "Regional Express" line RE. Get off the train at the main train station called "Mainz Hauptbahnhof".
Don't step into the train "S 1" - it arrives in Mainz-Kastell, which is completely wrong.
Arriving in Mainz, you'll have to continue by bus (see below).

Some airlines (especially Ryanair) approach Frankfurt-Hahn only. If you arrive there, you will need to follow different instructions:

Arrival at Frankfurt-Hahn airport:
There is a shuttle bus service from Frankfurt-Hahn airport to Mainz (to be more specific to the central train station of Mainz "Mainz Hauptbahnhof").
  • The bus trip takes another 70 minutes,
  • The fare is 11,- Euro for adults,
  • Arriving in Mainz ("Mainz Hauptbahnhof"), you'll have to continue by bus (see below).
We included some maps and the timetables of the shuttle bus in our full instructions.

By train:
  1. Get off the train at the main train station called "Mainz Hauptbahnhof".
  2. Take a bus to the accommodation.
There are several bus stops in front of the main train station. Please take the bus line 63 or 62, direction: "Laubenheim" and "Weisenau" respectively (the bus display should already show the DJH-logo) and get out at the bus stop called "Am Viktorstift/DJH".
On your first arrival, you will be able to go by bus with the train ticket you already have.
(some bus drivers in Mainz are friendly - you can ask them for help if you're not sure which bus to take)

Crossing the road at the bus stop, you'll have to walk down the street "Am Viktorstift" until you reach "Otto-Brunfels-Schneise". You'll find the youth hostel at the end of this street (all in all you don't have to walk more than about 200 meters from the bus stop). Please refer to the map at the end of this document.
By car:
As everyone will come from a different direction, you'll find some general directions here.
  • Head for the motorway A 60 at first. The youth hostel will be easy to find from there.
  • Take the exit 24 "Mainz-Laubenheim", direction "Mz-Innenstadt", to reach "Wormser Straße" (L 431).
  • Follow "Wormser Straße" for approx. 2 km until you can see a large bridge crossing the Rhine river ("Rhein") before you. About 100 meters before you reach the bridge you will have to turn left and uphill "Karl-Weiser-Straße".
  • Follow "Karl-Weiser-Straße" and "Am Michaelsberg" to the very end until you reach "Göttelmannstraße" crossing it. Turn left at the crossing.
  • Follow "Göttelmannstraße" until you see the bus stop "Am Viktorstift/DJH". Turn left there, follow the smaller street which also is called "Am Viktorstift" to its end and follow the adjacent "Otto-Brunfels-Schneise" straight ahead (see the instructions above as if you were arriving by bus). We attached some maps to the full instructions in our download area.
The youth hostel provides enough parking spaces.

If you are using a GPS or other navigation system use the following address:
Otto-Brunfels-Schneise 4
55130 Mainz-Weisenau


  • Place of conduct:
Sporthalle Laubenheim
Gewerbestraße 25
55130 Mainz Laubenheim
  • Accommodation:
Jugenherberge (DJH)
Otto-Brunfels-Schneise 4
55130 Mainz

List of important downloads concerning the 7th ENC 2010:

Below you can find more detailed directions as well as the schedule:

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