Our history

Since its founding in 2003, DNagB has experienced constant development. 2005 saw the first German team participating in the European Naginata Championships after DNagB was accepted as a European Naginata Association member, securing a third place in the Engi category for Germany. Shortly afterwards DNagB also gained membership in the International Naginata Association and the first German team entered the 4th World Championships in 2007. Since then German Naginataka have become regular participants at international tournaments.

Each following European and World Championship has included German contestants. In 2010, after a number of "foreign deployments", Germany hosted the European Championships for the first time. More than 100 participants from across Europe came together for a weekend full of Naginata. Following this, in 2011 a German team travelled to Japan to participate in the 5th World Championships.
  • A list of our achievements can be found in the category "Achievements".

On a national level, DNagB has organised the annual German Championships since 2004, regularly welcoming participants from a growing number of locations in Germany. Since 2008 it has become possible to take kyû-grading exams under DNagB regulations. The exams are usually accompanied by training courses under the tutelage of high ranking teachers invited by DNagB from across Europe. In recent years we have at various times had the pleasure of recieving Naginata guests from Japan in Germany.

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