The clothing used in Naginata training consists of a white jacket (keiko gi), a black or blue trouser skirt (hakama) and an optional long belt (obi) that is worn over the keiko gi and underneath the hakama. Kihon training can be performed with or without armour. Kata is always practised without armour.

keiko gi




For Kihon, Shikake Ôji and Shiai a special training Naginata is used. The blade is made of two curved pieces of flexible bamboo with a length of 50cm. It is fixed to a wooden pole with an oval cross-section using white adhesive tape. The complete weapon measures between 2,10m and 2,25m, weighing a minimum of 650g. (also see detailed diagram in the download section).

Naginata for competetions (Shiai and Engi)

The only exception to this is the federation kata, which has its own type of solid wooden Naginata.

Naginata for ZNNR kata


The protective armour (bôgu) used for shiai practice consists of a waist protector (tare), chest plate (dô), leg pieces (sune ate), a helmet and face guard (men) as well as protective gloves (kote). A special cloth is wrapped around the head underneath the helmet in order to absorb perspiration.

Bogu for shiai

Original German text: Andreas Nicol
English translation: Mark Littlewood

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